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Bioevents values your time and opinion which is why we initiate conferences to facilitate the evaluation of new ideas and new research in a creative, engaging setting which promotes active dialogue between industry and professionals from the biomedical arena. 


From Concept to Conference. Bioevents specializes in providing comprehensive health information
and updates in all areas of medicine. 

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About US

​Our vision is to help disseminate cutting-edge research for the international scientific community by providing a superior platform from which Key Opinion Leaders are able to guide the decision-makers through the myriad of information.

Upcoming Congresses

20-21 Nov 2023
Orlando, USA
The American Conference on Clinical Trials & Regulation of Medical Devices (CTRMD2023)
20-21 Nov 2023
Brussels, Belgium
The 4th European Congress on Controversies in Leukemia
20-21 Nov 2023
Brussels, Belgium
The 3rd International Conference on Controversies in Neuropathic Pain
30-01 Dec 2023
Budapest, Hungary
The 5th International Conference on Rare Diseases (RARE2023)
04-05 Dec 2023
Frankfurt, Germany
The 4th International Annual Congress on Controversies on Cannabis-Based Medicines (Med-Cannabis2023)
04-05 Dec 2023
Frankfurt, Germany
The 4th Immuno-Oncology World Congress (Immuno-Oncology2023)
07-08 Dec 2023
Brussels, Belgium
5th European Congress on Clinical Trials in Pain (SOPATE2023)


Bioevents prides itself on initiation.

Initiated Congresses provide an opportunity for new and exciting events on issues relevant to the current industry.

These congresses provide an excellent platform for Industry Specialists and Key Opinion Leaders to network, discuss cutting edge research and technology and guide the decision-makers through the myriad of information.

Bioevents is excited to assist you in creating a new industry event. We undertake to find sponsors and exhibitors, assist in the creation of a full and dynamic program as well as generate interest and attendance.

Our vibrant team have accumulative years of experience and will use this vast knowledge to create a most successful and profitable congress experience


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